Grease is the word

I arranged to take my friend, Alice, to see an outdoor screening of Grease for her birthday and we were both really excited. I loved the movie growing up and always enjoyed singing along to the catchy tunes.

I listened to the soundtrack during the day to prepare to watch thirty year old teenagers sing and dance. I also made a healthy picnic for us to dine on outdoors.

The setting was in a beautiful RHS garden and the atmosphere was wonderfully vibrant. We set up our chairs and huddles under blankets as night fell. The film began and the crowed whooped and cheered.

Everyone sang along, clapped and laughed. It was a wonderful evening, which ended in a car karaoke session on the way home. Alice thoroughly enjoyed herself and I am glad I could treat her to a pleasant birthday celebration.



“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands”

After a very period at work, I finally had some spare time to help down at the library. I have been volunteering there for over 9 years now and I still very much enjoy it.

I offered to create a display in time for the summer reading challenge to add a pop of colour to the establishment. I searched Pinterest and discovered the idea of creating butterflies from old book pages. I cut out pages from a book I had previously read and added some colour using watercolour paints.


I then made a large book from card and placed the butterflies so that they appeared to be flying out of the pages.

I wanted to represent the idea of books opening new worlds to readers and hope I have achieved this.


Paris, je t’aime

I went to Paris to work an event and it was a great learning experience and gave me the opportunity to speak French all day.

It was a very busy event so I was unable to to see any of the city other than on the taxi ride back to the Eurostar. I managed to spy the Eiffel Tower on my journey, which is always a beautiful sight to behold.

I reminded me how much I love the city and I will try to make an effort to see a little more than one monument in passing on my next work trip.


My Poodle Love

I adore spending time with Dylan and really enjoy taking photos of him. He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality, which shines through in his pictures. Here are a few of my favourite recent pictures of my little man…

Bon Appétit

I went out with my French group for lunch and it was a French affair to say the least. We went to a French-owned restaurant where the waiters served la cuisine française in the native language.

We spoke the language with one another as we dined on traditional dishes. I had cured salmon and herring, followed by toulouse sausage and lentils and a chocolate mousse.

It was a lovely time and something which we plan on doing again soon.


The company I work for held a golf day for all employees. I have learned to play a little golf in the past for fun so I was excited to join a lesson with my team.

Finding the course was rather tricky so after a testing drive, I was more than ready to breathe some fresh air and learn the ins and outs of golf. We were split into groups where we would learn driving, chipping and putting. It was a good learning experience and was topped off by a putting competition. As expected, I did not win, but it is all in the taking part.

We finished off with a barbecue and prize giving for those who played 18 holes.

It was a pleasant day and I definitely plan on playing a little more golf now.


Bon Anniversaire

I go to a French conversation group that my brother runs at the local library every weekend. It was his birthday so my Mother and I thought it would be nice to have a French-style breakfast buffet with a cake afterwards.

My Mum put together a lovely feast and it was a great surprise for my brother and everyone who comes to the group.

We spent the morning speaking French and eating French food. It was a real experience of la vie française.

Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time has been my favourite show for a number years and was even the inspiration for my blog title. The first season was nothing like I had ever seen before; so clever, so surprising, so original…

I have been an avid viewer of the programme and was very disappointed to learn that Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) would not be returning for the seventh season. How would the sixth season conclude? Would Emma meet the fatal end she had been envisioning for two seasons? As the show reached its season finale, with Hook and Emma married (finally!), I could not bear the thought that all of this could end badly. Emma and the show’s followers had been through enough, a happy ending was needed. As the story drew to a close and the ending I so wanted happened, I felt a surge of both joy and sadness. The characters I have watched for the last few years will no longer be around, but the reason for this is that their happy endings have been found.

I know it is not the end of the show and season 6 ended on a cliffhanger for a very different season 7, but I am still unsure how I feel about this. I hope that the show will continue to be as great as it always has been. I will watch the new season and will try to reserve judgement. The programme, however, is one of the most magical spectacles I have seen and I encourage you to watch it if you have never seen it before…




Birthday Boy

Dylan turned 1 this week and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. He has brought me so much joy. He truly is a little ray of sunshine.

My friends adore him as well. My friend, Tina, bought him a lovely present and card and my other friend, Fiona, wrote him a message in the sand on her honeymoon in the Maldives!


I spoiled him with treats, toys and a cute little raincoat and we spent the day together. He is always at my side though. My family calls him my shadow. He is my wonderful little companion and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him. It might be hard to top this year’s though…