New glasses 

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 16 years old. I was finally free of wearing glasses. Even though my mother would spend a great deal of money on my glasses and buy me several pairs, I always felt as if nobody could see beyond them. I couldn’t have imagined ever wanting to wear glasses outside of the house again after I started wearing contacts. I felt people saw me for me rather than what I wore on my face. 

My confidence grew as I got older and people didn’t know me for being a glasses wearer. Roll on nine years and I still felt the same. Whenever I put on a pair on glasses, I reverted back to the shy secondary school girl with little to no confidence in herself. This was until I went to Specsavers to buy myself some new glasses (I had broken my others falling asleep in them.) 

The lady in the store was extremely helpful and searched high and low to find me a pair in which I felt confident. I tried on many but was not sure. She took my photo and ran comparisons, but it wasn’t until I had nearly given up that she found the perfect pair – Gant tortoiseshell. I put them on and felt happy. They suited me and I could imagine wearing any outfit with them. They were bold but I didn’t feel like I would be hiding behind them. For the first time ever, I had found a pair of glasses that lifted my confidence and that felt great. 


Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend, I met up with my best friend from university at Swindon Designer Outlet to do some Christmas shopping. 

I bought presents for my Mother and Brother and was really happy with what I purchased. I dare not say what I bought in the event they read this!

I very much enjoy going to this outlet. It is by far my favourite. I always seem to find a good bargain! The range of shops caters to all ages and tastes and the new renovations look wonderful. They also create a real sense of continuity throughout the centre. 

My friend and I had a good catch up and have planned a potential holiday next year. It was certainly a day very well spent.

Sixties Style

My daily eye makeup is always very sixties with winged liner and lashings of mascara. However, I always find that with the colder weather, my fashion choices also become more reminiscent of the era. My default outfit choice usually involves a figure/hugging jumper, miniskirt and black tights.

During the last week or so, I have really enjoyed dressing in this style and have treated myself to two new skirts. Both from New Look, they are a houndstooth design and match with more or less every top I own.

As you can see in the photo, I may have also treated myself to the Lancôme Christmas gift set (only in October!)
Pairing sixties makeup and fashion with a modern twist really excites me and is something I enjoy very much.

Conference Fashion

I have been in Geneva for nearly the last two weeks working at an important financial conference. It was both tiring and incredibly rewarding and involved months and months of prior hard work. 

As my role was customer-facing, it was important to maintain an immaculate and professional appearance at all times. 

I opted to wear five different little black dressses and accessorised them all with gold jewellery, but different hairstyles.

Despite working incredibly long hours, I always made a point to wake up in time to make myself presentable for the day.

My favourite of my outfits is the second because I adore the neckline of the dress. It is a Vera Wang dress I bought from TK Maxx at a bargain price. 

I wore my reliable Carvela suede wedge heels, which I knew would keep my feet as comfortable as possible during long hours at the conference. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Geneva and hope I will be able to partake in many more events like this in the future. 

Wedding Reception

Last night I went to a colleague’s wedding reception and the village hall was beautifully decorated with bunting and sunflowers. Everyone had a lovely time and danced till their feet hurt.

I thought, for once, I would write a beauty-related post. Throughout and after university, I worked on beauty counters and have an inherent interest in all things makeup.

When I go out for special occasions, I always start on my eyes first. I used tape to define the angle of my shadow and applied a primer to my lids. I then used a nude shadow to set the base. I defined the crease with a dark grey and ran this along the tape line and used a silver cream shadow on the lid and blended. I swiped a champagne cream shadow along the brow bone, dotted the inner corners of my eyes and then shaped my brows.

Next step was my base. I am not a big user of face primer because my skin is sensitive so I applied and buffed my foundation and concealed my under eyes and blemishes. I set my base with compact powder and applied bronzer under my cheekbones and on other facial contours. I then brushed blusher on the apples of my cheeks and blended.

I returned to my eyes and used a gel liner to create a wing and then coated my lashes in mascara. I lined my lips and swiped a generous helping of nude gloss. I then added false lashes and dabbed liquid highlighter along my cheekbones and brow bones.

Finally, the makeup look was created. For my hair, I clipped it up in a side chignon and paired the look with a champagne silk dress and silver heels.

I based my look a little on Once Upon a Time’s Emma Swan’s date with Captain Hook. I may not have found my fairytale, but it was so wonderful to see my colleague and her new husband very much in love and ready to start a beautiful life together…

Red Leather

Ever since I started watching Once Upon a Time, I have longed for Emma Swan’s red leather jacket.

Its style is strong and iconic and it enhances most outfits. I always kept an eye out for one whilst shopping and searched online many a time. 

After more or less giving up on finding the perfect red leather jacket, it found me in an email from Lakeland Leather, on sale the day before my birthday. A present for myself? Why not? 

I adore the jacket and definitely feel a little like Emma Swan whilst wearing it.