My Poodle Love

I adore spending time with Dylan and really enjoy taking photos of him. He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality, which shines through in his pictures. Here are a few of my favourite recent pictures of my little man…


Birthday Boy

Dylan turned 1 this week and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. He has brought me so much joy. He truly is a little ray of sunshine.

My friends adore him as well. My friend, Tina, bought him a lovely present and card and my other friend, Fiona, wrote him a message in the sand on her honeymoon in the Maldives!


I spoiled him with treats, toys and a cute little raincoat and we spent the day together. He is always at my side though. My family calls him my shadow. He is my wonderful little companion and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him. It might be hard to top this year’s though…






Nature Walk

Today I met a friend of mine with Dylan for a walk in the most beautiful setting. We went early so it was neither too busy nor too warm. I am the Goldilocks of locations!

I am trying to increase Dylan’s confidence without Darcy and Dicky because he has grown up with a pack mentality. He did phenomenally well and I was very proud of him. I have taken him out before and all he did was jump up my leg to be carried. Whilst he did do this, it was limited and he was distracted by the array of sounds and smells surrounding him. 

Spring was everywhere and for the first time ever I saw Egyptian Goslings and they were beautiful. I managed to take a couple of really good photos of them as well as some ducklings. 

I left the walk feeling refreshed and happy to have caught up with my friend. Dylan thoroughly enjoyed himself and I look forward to many other spring walks. 

Model dog 

A while ago I saw an offer online for a pet photo shoot and bought it. Even though I take nice pictures of Dylan, I wanted something professional to hang in my newly decorated bedroom. 

We went to the studio and the lady was lovely with him. He behaved so well and enjoyed playing in a new environment. The shoot lasted one hour and one week later I went back to see the images. They were great and I even featured in a couple of them. I narrowed it down to my two favourites after much deliberation; one of him and me and one of him alone. The individual picture of Dylan sums him up perfectly as a gorgeous and happy dog.

I collected the images yesterday and the look fantastic. I am really happy with them and cannot wait to frame and hang them.

Happy Easter

It has been a wonderful and calm Easter break and I have spent plenty of quality time with my family and little Dylan.

As a cute little Easter image, I put together an Easter basket with our Easter chocolate and placed it in the garden. I gently tied a red ribbon round Dylan’s neck to emulate the Lindt bunny and sat him next to it. He is great at posing for pictures and sat like a professional.

Here is the photo. Enjoy a very happy Easter with your family and friends.

11 months

I can’t believe that my little Dylan is now 11 months old. He has brought me so much joy and is such a happy little dog. He is my shadow at home, rarely leaving my side.

I have started taking him to training classes, which has been quite an experience. As we have two other dogs with whom he always walks, he rarely comes out with me alone. The classes have shown he can be very nervous alone and it breaks my heart to see this. The trainer said this will improve in time and I hope this will be the case. I look forward to building his confidence and and creating an even stronger bond between us.

Swan Lake

I am very lucky that my place of work is set in the most beautiful grounds. There are birds everywhere and my two favourites are regular viewings: the robin and the swan. 

There is a pretty lake with two swans who glide gracefully across its surface and take showers in the fountains. Walking to the lake is a lunchtime highlight and a calming experience. The tranquility of nature is not to be underestimated. I always feel refreshed for an afternoon of work after visiting my feathered friends. 

Autumn Walks

Autumn is my favourite season. The crispness of the air, the colours of the leaves and layers of knitted clothing make it a season of sheer joy.

I like nothing more than a walk with out dogs in this weather. This is Dylan’s first autumn and his colour totally epitomises the season. He is practically camouflaged in fallen leaves. He loves bounding through the foliage and it makes me so happy to see my dogs enjoying life to the maximum as only dogs do.

Dylan’s First Big Boy Cut

Dylan was finally old for his first full groom at 5 and 1/2 months and he was definitely ready for it. A gorgeous and fluffy puppy, his fluff had become out of hand. He even had a parting down his spine where the fur had become too heavy to stand on end. 

Dylan was excited to go to the poodle parlour because the groomers are always very kind to him. As with his first groom, I knew this was going to be a significant change to his appearance. His highland sheep look would become a short and sleek style. 

The wait to see his transformation was agonising. When I arrived at the parlour to collect him, he heard my voice and let out a yap. Still without seeing him, the lady proceeded to tell me how well behaved he had been. She said he had even fallen asleep at one point. She picked him up and I could not believe how perfect he looked. He was stunning. My little fluff ball had transformed into a perfect poodle. His body size had halved and he looked amazing. He clearly felt it as well. He pranced around like a show dog.