John Mayer Live

As I have previously mentioned, John Mayer is my favourite singer. His lyrics and guitar riffs speak to me in a way no other artist ever has or will do. I rarely go one day without listening to his music.

When he announced his Search For Everything tour, I could not wait to buy my ticket. Little did I expect to be able to purchase a ticket with such an amazing view. I managed to secure a seat five rows from the very front at the O2 and I could not believe my luck. The ticket may have been expensive, but I knew I could not let this opportunity go.

I counted down the days till the concert and when it arrived, it did not disappoint (I knew it wouldn’t!) My view was phenomenal and John Mayer was incredible. I saw him three years ago and he blew my mind then, but this time I was on cloud nine and I am still there!

He performed so many of my favourite new and classic songs and he was flawless. The sets were stunning, using screens of Japanese gardens, cityscapes and illuminated barns. His voice was so effortless and his guitar skills were out of this world. He extended performances with spectacular riffs and jams. The three standout songs for me were Daughters, Rosie and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.

I took a few photos but was completely absorbed and mesmerised during the show. I just did not want it to end. I have been to quite a few concerts, but have never felt so inspired afterwards. The concert high has still not passed…




It was my 25th birthday this week and I took a few days off work to celebrate. I was spoiled with presents and flowers (red roses – my favourites) from family and friends and went out for an amazing meal in the evening in a stunning location.

Each course was sublime and I left feeling full of both food and love. I am very lucky to have a family like I do and appreciate having such wonderful people in my life.

I am excited to see what my 25th year brings…

Film on a Farm

To celebrate my 25th birthday, my friend Tina took me to see Pretty Woman on a farm. It was a lovely evening that started off with an early dinner at her place, followed by a homemade cake and presents. We then drove into the countryside and were the first ones there! To be fair, we had no idea where we were going and did not want to be late, but we definitely allowed more travel time than necessary. We set up our camping chairs and bundled up in jumpers, coats and blankets. We watched the sun set over the beautiful rapeseed fields and grabbed a gourmet burger as a second dinner.

The film was great. I have not seen it in years and did not quite remember everything so it was like watching it afresh. I love fairytales and this very modern take made the perfect choice.

I had a fabulous time with my friend and it made me realise how grateful I am for her friendship. I look forward to celebrating many other birthdays with her. Perhaps open air cinema trips will become a tradition…



Snow White Crafts

Last weekend was a busy one and it started very early on Saturday morning with the running of a craft session based on Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. I decided to hold this session after the success of my Beauty and the Beast one last month.

I prepared everything in advance and managed to create quite a mess at home doing so!


The crafts I had to offer were a painted and decorated mirror, a red hairband and ribbon to look like Snow White, a necklace (one for boys and one for girls), a water bottle apple and a kitchen roll dwarf.

The session was very popular and I ran out of materials before the session ended as more children turned up than I had expected. The children really enjoyed it and the library was very happy. There is so much satisfaction in creating and running a class where children both have fun and can be creative. It is something I would have loved when I was younger.

A mix of paint, glue, paper, card and stick on jewels created even more mess than I had made at home and clearing up nearly took as long as the class! It was very much worth it, but I might think twice before considering using paint again…


Room Revamp

I have been meaning to give my bedroom a new look for a while and my fantastic JJ Adams Goblin King print inspired me to finally do it. I had my walls painted a medium grey to compliment my already grey wooden floors and carried out some serious decluttering. My room felt instantly lighter and fresher. I bought a new modern style bed with a large dark grey headboard and hung my Bowie print. Things were coming together. I sourced a beautiful but inexpensive clock online and bought white artificial flowers to keep a lightness to the room.

My room now feels modern, airy and stylish. I am incredible happy with the result of making some changes without committing to a total overhaul.



Wedding Makeup

My friend got married a couple of weeks ago and she asked me to do her wedding makeup. I felt honoured to do so and immediately created a Pinterest board of ideas. She is naturally very pretty and does not usually wear much makeup, so the look needed to be subtle and polished.

I went makeup shopping with her and I trialled a look with which she was very happy. As we are friends, it was easy for us to discuss and make tweaks to particular elements.

On the day, she was glowing before any product was applied. Despite the expected nerves, I could see she was elated to be marrying her best friend. It was lovely to see and something I hope I will experience when my Prince Charming (or Captain Hook if you are a Once Upon a Time fan) shows up.

I applied primer to ensure the base stayed as long as possible with minimal touch-ups and then applied green concealer in areas where redness may have appeared. This was blended and foundation was buffed on top. I applied eyeshadow primer to the eyelids up to the brow bone and used concealer under the eyes and on any other required areas. The base is so important as this is what helps to create the flawless bridal look. I set the look with pressed powder and contoured using a powder palette. As the look needed to be as natural as possible, I opted for powder over liquid because of its subtlety. I then added bronzer to give a sun kissed glow and blusher to the apples of the cheeks.

For the eyes, I started with a nude shadow base and built up to a smokey silver look by adding greys, browns and, of course, silver. I used a brown waterproof pencil to line the upper lids and lifted this into a small flick. I then smudged this to suit the smokey look of the shadow. I lined the outer corner of the under eye and used white shadow as a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone. I brushed out the brows and filled in any gaps with a brow pencil and brushed through again to maintain the natural look. For the lips, I used a nude lip pencil all over because this makes a great base for any lipstick. I then applied the lipstick with a brush for a more polished look and added gloss to the centre of the lips to add volume. Once the look was complete, I added final touches of highlighter. You may have noticed that I did not use mascara. This was because my friend had her eyelashes tinted and it was not necessary.

I was very happy with the final result and my friend looked absolutely beautiful. She made a gorgeous bride and I felt very lucky to have been an integral part of her wedding morning preparation.


Nature Walk

Today I met a friend of mine with Dylan for a walk in the most beautiful setting. We went early so it was neither too busy nor too warm. I am the Goldilocks of locations!

I am trying to increase Dylan’s confidence without Darcy and Dicky because he has grown up with a pack mentality. He did phenomenally well and I was very proud of him. I have taken him out before and all he did was jump up my leg to be carried. Whilst he did do this, it was limited and he was distracted by the array of sounds and smells surrounding him. 

Spring was everywhere and for the first time ever I saw Egyptian Goslings and they were beautiful. I managed to take a couple of really good photos of them as well as some ducklings. 

I left the walk feeling refreshed and happy to have caught up with my friend. Dylan thoroughly enjoyed himself and I look forward to many other spring walks. 

The Search for Everything

John Mayer is my favourite singer and I have loved his music for many years. His style has changed and evolved over his career and his latest album, The Search for Everything, encapsulates his entire musical journey. 

The 12 songs explore the idea of searching for solutions to very human problems. The song In the Blood questions nature vs nurture and Emoji of a Wave faces the harsh reality of having to ride the unpleasant wave of certain emotions/ problems. 

Not every song wowed me at first but rapidly grew on me, whilst others touched me from the very first listen. It would be difficult to surpass Battle Studies (my favourite) or most others’ preference, Continuum, but this album undeniably possesses moments of genius. I will never understand Mayer’s inability to place well in the UK singles chart. To me, his songs are timeless, thought provoking and enchantingly performed. 

Netflix Binge

I initially only subscribed to Netflix to continue watching Once Upon a Time after Season 4, but over time I have slowly found myself watching a few films and the odd show on the site. 

After reading so much hype about it online, I decided to watch 13 Reasons Why. This would not be my usual choice of genre as I generally prefer something much more lighthearted. However, I found myself hooked from the first episode. I finished all 13 episodes in 5 days, squeezing in viewings whenever I could. The teen angst in the show was scarily relatable and the programme highlighted the impact actions can have on others, something that reminded me to take more note of my own actions. 

The show has sparked a real debate about its portrayal of suicide. I do not want to enter into a big discussion about this, but I believe it did nothing to glamourise this and it has succeeded in raising awareness, which is very important. 

If you are looking for a new show, I would recommend this. Despite being uncomfortable to watch at times, you will not want to stop. The show still haunts me days after finishing it…