Back to blogging

I have not posted in a while. In November I was the victim of reckless driving on a motorway. My car was ruined and I suffered injuries to my neck and back. I felt low and anxious and my injuries inhibited many activities. I also started a new job only a few weeks later which has kept me really busy and I very much enjoy my work. Physiotherapy helped my injuries and I am now starting to feel better. 

I am looking forward to starting posting again. I am planning not to backlog much as I would like to focus on the here and now because that is what is most important…


Halloween at Home

I live in a quiet neighbourhood and we do not have many children trick or treating, but I like to display lit pumpkins on the porch so that children know they are welcome knock. 

I placed my office competition entry with a newer, quick design I completed. In keeping with the theme, I carved a simple Jack Skellington silhouette. 

I was pleased with the effect and the children commented on how good the pumpkins looked.

Halloween Display at the Library 

The library asked me to create a small Hallloween display this year. I am very interested in fairytales and decided to base the theme on Snow White.

I copied the spell book from the movie by using watercolour and pen on board and added a border with a cauldron and witch hat. I created a title in black ink of ‘Halloween ever after’ and added typical Halloween touches like spiders and pumpkins. 

Once hung, I displayed horror books in front of the poster. Although small, I think the poster was a gentle nod to the scary holiday.