Film on a Farm

To celebrate my 25th birthday, my friend Tina took me to see Pretty Woman on a farm. It was a lovely evening that started off with an early dinner at her place, followed by a homemade cake and presents. We then drove into the countryside and were the first ones there! To be fair, we had no idea where we were going and did not want to be late, but we definitely allowed more travel time than necessary. We set up our camping chairs and bundled up in jumpers, coats and blankets. We watched the sun set over the beautiful rapeseed fields and grabbed a gourmet burger as a second dinner.

The film was great. I have not seen it in years and did not quite remember everything so it was like watching it afresh. I love fairytales and this very modern take made the perfect choice.

I had a fabulous time with my friend and it made me realise how grateful I am for her friendship. I look forward to celebrating many other birthdays with her. Perhaps open air cinema trips will become a tradition…




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