Snow White Crafts

Last weekend was a busy one and it started very early on Saturday morning with the running of a craft session based on Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. I decided to hold this session after the success of my Beauty and the Beast one last month.

I prepared everything in advance and managed to create quite a mess at home doing so!


The crafts I had to offer were a painted and decorated mirror, a red hairband and ribbon to look like Snow White, a necklace (one for boys and one for girls), a water bottle apple and a kitchen roll dwarf.

The session was very popular and I ran out of materials before the session ended as more children turned up than I had expected. The children really enjoyed it and the library was very happy. There is so much satisfaction in creating and running a class where children both have fun and can be creative. It is something I would have loved when I was younger.

A mix of paint, glue, paper, card and stick on jewels created even more mess than I had made at home and clearing up nearly took as long as the class! It was very much worth it, but I might think twice before considering using paint again…



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