The Search for Everything

John Mayer is my favourite singer and I have loved his music for many years. His style has changed and evolved over his career and his latest album, The Search for Everything, encapsulates his entire musical journey. 

The 12 songs explore the idea of searching for solutions to very human problems. The song In the Blood questions nature vs nurture and Emoji of a Wave faces the harsh reality of having to ride the unpleasant wave of certain emotions/ problems. 

Not every song wowed me at first but rapidly grew on me, whilst others touched me from the very first listen. It would be difficult to surpass Battle Studies (my favourite) or most others’ preference, Continuum, but this album undeniably possesses moments of genius. I will never understand Mayer’s inability to place well in the UK singles chart. To me, his songs are timeless, thought provoking and enchantingly performed. 


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