Netflix Binge

I initially only subscribed to Netflix to continue watching Once Upon a Time after Season 4, but over time I have slowly found myself watching a few films and the odd show on the site. 

After reading so much hype about it online, I decided to watch 13 Reasons Why. This would not be my usual choice of genre as I generally prefer something much more lighthearted. However, I found myself hooked from the first episode. I finished all 13 episodes in 5 days, squeezing in viewings whenever I could. The teen angst in the show was scarily relatable and the programme highlighted the impact actions can have on others, something that reminded me to take more note of my own actions. 

The show has sparked a real debate about its portrayal of suicide. I do not want to enter into a big discussion about this, but I believe it did nothing to glamourise this and it has succeeded in raising awareness, which is very important. 

If you are looking for a new show, I would recommend this. Despite being uncomfortable to watch at times, you will not want to stop. The show still haunts me days after finishing it…


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