New glasses 

I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 16 years old. I was finally free of wearing glasses. Even though my mother would spend a great deal of money on my glasses and buy me several pairs, I always felt as if nobody could see beyond them. I couldn’t have imagined ever wanting to wear glasses outside of the house again after I started wearing contacts. I felt people saw me for me rather than what I wore on my face. 

My confidence grew as I got older and people didn’t know me for being a glasses wearer. Roll on nine years and I still felt the same. Whenever I put on a pair on glasses, I reverted back to the shy secondary school girl with little to no confidence in herself. This was until I went to Specsavers to buy myself some new glasses (I had broken my others falling asleep in them.) 

The lady in the store was extremely helpful and searched high and low to find me a pair in which I felt confident. I tried on many but was not sure. She took my photo and ran comparisons, but it wasn’t until I had nearly given up that she found the perfect pair – Gant tortoiseshell. I put them on and felt happy. They suited me and I could imagine wearing any outfit with them. They were bold but I didn’t feel like I would be hiding behind them. For the first time ever, I had found a pair of glasses that lifted my confidence and that felt great. 


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