Dylan’s First Big Boy Cut

Dylan was finally old for his first full groom at 5 and 1/2 months and he was definitely ready for it. A gorgeous and fluffy puppy, his fluff had become out of hand. He even had a parting down his spine where the fur had become too heavy to stand on end. 

Dylan was excited to go to the poodle parlour because the groomers are always very kind to him. As with his first groom, I knew this was going to be a significant change to his appearance. His highland sheep look would become a short and sleek style. 

The wait to see his transformation was agonising. When I arrived at the parlour to collect him, he heard my voice and let out a yap. Still without seeing him, the lady proceeded to tell me how well behaved he had been. She said he had even fallen asleep at one point. She picked him up and I could not believe how perfect he looked. He was stunning. My little fluff ball had transformed into a perfect poodle. His body size had halved and he looked amazing. He clearly felt it as well. He pranced around like a show dog. 


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