Hot drink weather

This week’s weather in the UK has been nothing but unpredictable. We began with glorious sunshine and blistering heat, leading to one of the hottest September days in 100 years. Then came the storm. Thunder, lightening, rain and wind loud enough to wake anyone from their slumber. Luckily, I had Dylan by my side to be my little thunder buddy. The weather has now finally settled down as rather cold. There is a definite sense of autumn in the air and I like it.

Autumn and winter are my two favourite seasons. I am very fair-skinned and do not cope well in the heat. I also love wrapping up warm in stylish clothes. After a rainy dog walk at the local park, I found myself craving a warming hot chocolate. It was just what was needed; rich, chocolatey and soothing. I highly recommend drinking this with a puppy at your side. There is no better combination.



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