Festival First-timers

A close friend from my university days and I went to Reading Festival yesterday. We both enjoy going to concerts, but neither of us had been to a festival so thought we would venture into the unknown. We are both sensible young women and don’t drink, smoke or anything else, but wanted to spend a day enjoying good live music.

The music was great. We listened to a variety of talented acts and enjoyed them thoroughly. The only aspect we didn’t so much enjoy was the rowdiness of the crowds. We very nearly became caught up in a mosh pit listening to Blossoms, a band whose music I would never class as mosh pit-style.

A few acts stood out to us; one of my favourites, Sunset Sons, were exhilarating, up and coming band Tin Pigeons were flawless and Imagine Dragons were great.

As much as we enjoyed the music, my friend and I definitely decided we are gig-goers rather than festival-types. It is, however, an amazing opportunity to see a multitude of brilliant acts in one day and we are glad we experienced it together.


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