Apple Basket

The Property Brothers’ designs have inspired me yet again. I adore their final touches for house viewings. One of the elements I appreciate the most is the use of large amounts of fruit in the kitchen. This always adds a bright pop of natural colour. Whilst this is perfect for the short-term, the concept lacks longevity. 

Not long ago I was in a local garden centre whose range of artificial flowers is immense. The displays they have are mesmerising and whilst perusing, I stumbled upon a selection of red shiny apples, so perfect they looked as if they had stumbled out of the pages of Snow White. I gathered a few in my hands and continued to wander the display. I then found a cute light wicker basket, more than suitable for displaying red apples. I picked up the basket and placed the apples inside. I was instantly happy with my finds.

When I returned home and placed my new purchases on the kitchen table, I was really pleased with the look. It has the  modern yet homely Propety Brothers vibe that doesn’t require constant maintenance.


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