Dylan’s First ‘Furcut’

I was rather nervous taking Dylan to the poodle parlour to have his first grooming session. He has been quite nervous of other people outdoors and I was worried the experience would be stressful for him. I also didn’t want my little teddy bear to lose his adorable curly face. 

The groomer is lovely and wonderful with dogs so I knew he would be in safe hands. Despite being nervous, Dylan took an instant liking to her and displayed so with a wagging tail. 

I left Dylan with the groomer, but stayed in my car nearby so I could be there in a flash if necessary. Just over an hour later, I was called to say he was ready. I opened the door to the parlour and a perfect little poodle ran to meet me. He was gorgeous…different to the teddy bear I had left just a short while ago, but a handsome little man nonetheless. 

He was so happy at the parlour and was visibly sad to leave the groomer behind. I was so relieved that all went well and think my little boy looks positively lovely.


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