Animal Fruit Sculptures

I really enjoy pumpkin carving at Halloween and have always wanted an excuse to carve throughout the year. One day, whilst perusing Pinterest, I saw a variety and fruit sculptures and carvings. The designs were ideal for a summer party and I felt compelled to try my hand at a couple.

The first I made was a watermelon turtle. I cut the melon in half and carved out the insides. I then used a small kitchen knife to etch the turtle shell. I cut one of the halves by a quarter and used this part to create the head and legs. I then used cocktail sticks to join the parts together and used raspberries to decorate.

The second sculpture was a pineapple parrot. I trimmed the leaves into a tail shape and cut off the top third of the pineapple. I shaped a head out of the top end and attached this to the ‘base’ of the pineapple. I then cut a carrot nose and attached this with cocktail sticks, as well as blueberries for eyes.

Neither design took very long to complete; about an hour and a half for both in total. I think they make very effective pieces and I continue to be amazed by the great ideas I find on Pinterest.


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