Chez Giggs

Our lilac-point siamese cat, Giggs, loves sleeping in our old playhouse, so much so that we put in a cat flap. Over the years, we coined the nickname for her haven: “Chez Giggs.”

Giggs is a cat who loves luxury and I have always wanted to transform her little summerhouse into a cat palace. One Friday evening after work, I decided to head to Homebase for paint, flowers and ideas.

I spent a weekend painting, sawing and planting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The physical work felt so rewarding and seeing the improvement in a before and after image made me feel very proud of my efforts.

I regularly watch The Property Brothers and  was inspired by Jonathan Scott’s colour palette. I chose a blue-grey for the main part of the shed and white for the trimmings. I sawed a piece of off-cut wood and painted a design for ‘Chez Giggs’ and hung this by thin rope. To compliment the colour scheme, I chose wood and stone planters and red geraniums.



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