Mr. Hoppy’s Hoopla

As part of my local library’s summer reading challenge, the staff were appointed the task of creating a Roald Dahl-inspired game for the children. The library was assigned Esio Trot. One of the ladies thought of Mr. Hoppy’s Hoopla, using hand-made tortoises with numbers on their shells. As the library is incredibly busy during the summer holidays, I offered to make the tortoises and leaderboard. The three children who score the most amount of points by the end of the summer win prizes.

I made the tortoises out of paper bowls (painted with green acrylic paint) and I drew faces with individual accessories on green card. I stapled the faces and feet to the bowls and drew a shell pattern on the back of each tortoise. I then cut out numbers from 1-12 and glued them to the shells.

The leaderboard is made of A1 card. I drew and painted the characters of Alfie (the tortoise), Mr. Hoppy and Mrs. Silver and drew and cut out tortoise silhouettes for the names and points. I hand-wrote the title in the style of Quentin Blake.

The library is very happy with the game and, one week into the summer holidays, the children are very much enjoying playing Mr. Hoppy’s Hoopla.


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